krystal_moon (krystal_moon) wrote in thewlis_daily,

You can't have too much of David, right?

I know I only posted yesterday but I was browsing through the Sunday Mirror magazine supplement (Celebs magazine) this morning when I came across a small article about Anna going shopping. It was 2 pages long and covered with recent pictures of Anna shopping and one picture showed the entire clan: Anna, David and Gracie (Gracie’s face respectably blurred by the magazine). According to the written part, Anna was shopping for men’s clothes for David (bless!)

Anyway, the only picture of David in the article is found under the LJ cut tag. Enjoy

(btw if posting pictures like this is against the community rules, please tell me and I WILL delete the post, I promise) :-)



Blessed Be!


(PS for the record, I see that mandy_thewlis credited me for finding the link of the interview yesterday that she posted on her site either last night or this morning. Cheers babes and I had no idea it was on Youtube *adds it to her favourites*)
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