krystal_moon (krystal_moon) wrote in thewlis_daily,

The Razzies and "Damage"

Last night, the Razzies were shown.

David Thewlis was nominated for Worst Supporting Actor for “Basic Instinct 2” and “The Omen” (I thought he wasn’t but I later found out via the official Razzie that he was up for “The Omen” as well).

So…did he win it?

Nope he didn’t!

The winner was M. Night Shyamalan for “Lady in the Water” (he also beta Ron Howard for “Worst Director” award)

Lets all cheer that there was someone else out there proven to worse than David!

Last night, I saw the film “Damage”. I watched it mainly because I heard Jeremy Irons is very naughty in it but I smiled when I saw him in a scene with David. It’s an one-to-one scene so the camera is on David quite a bit in that scene. I wouldn’t watch it just for that scene but rather the superb acting of Jeremy as well as Miranda Richardson!

Blessed Be!

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